Q.How can I register?
A.Please enter your e-mail address on the new registration screen and click on the “Send” button. An email will be sent to you so follow the instructions on the email.
Q.How many characters do I need for my password?
A.The number of characters required to set the password is 6 characters or more. There is no restriction on capital letters and lower case letters. If it is less than 6 characters it will result in an error.
Q.I cannot register my Email address.
A.If you have ever used the e-mail address for another account, you cannot register it again for another new account. If you cannot receive the registration email, please check the domain settings and allow 'support@sp.molly.online', check the spam mail folder, or get a new address.
Q.I want to buy MP, what kind of payment methods are available?
A.credit cards, carriers (Docomo, SoftBank and au) and convenience store payments are available.
Q.Can a single player have multiple accounts?
A.Only one account per person is allowed. If we find out that a player has multiple accounts, we will suspend any ongoing shipping and delete all of the accounts.
Q.I want to register my address.
A.After completing membership registration, go to the “Profile" page and enter your address.
Q.I can't finish the phone number authentication.
A.If you have problems with receiving the SMS verification code, follow these steps: Make sure that your phone number has been entered correctly, with the right country code (for example, Japan is +81, the United States is +1).  Check your network speed. Check if you can receive SMS texts. Request a new verification code.
Q.Can I change my e-mail address?
A.Changing the e-mail address is possible by clicking on "Change e-mail address" in Profile.
Q.How much does it cost for 1 play?
A.The cost for 1 play varies depending on the crane, and will be displayed on each crane's tab. The required points might change as a limited-time offer.
Q.The claw doesn’t move.
A.If the connection is poor, sometimes the cranes have errors. There may be a problem with your device or the network environment. Please try to restart your browser (or the app.).
Q.What are the system requirements?
A.The Minimum system requirements are as follow: 【 PC browser version 】: Chrome, Firefox, Mac Safari, Edge Windows, Internet Explorer 11;【 OS application version】: iOS 9, Model iPhone 6, iPad (3rd generation), Communication environment 4G LTE / Wi-Fi; 【Android application version】: OS Android OS 5.0, RAM 2 GB, ROM free space 200 MB, Communication environment 4G LTE / Wi-Fi; And always make sure to keep your browsers and application updated.
Q.I want to put the prize back to the default position.
A.You can always contact the staff directly via the Inquiry Form by clicking on “contact us”.
Q.Can you move the prize on an easier position?
A.We are afraid we cannot move the prize to other than the default position. We always play the crane games and confirm that the prize is able to get before making it playable. We do sometimes assist people who are struggling, but only for those who have played a certain amount of times.
Q.I lost my turn while I was purchasing the MP.
A.In case you don’t have enough MP, you can hold to your turn for 1 minute to purchase MP before it becomes the following player’s turn. Please make sure to purchase enough MP before playing.
Q.I made a reservation for play but it was canceled. I was skipped the turn.
A.Reservations may be canceled due to unstable communication environment or load on communication devices. We kindly ask you to visit the booth again. In addition, we do not provide any compensation for troubles other than during reservations and during games.
Q.I won the prize but it doesn’t show up in the screen.
A.There are rare cases where the sensor doesn’t detect the prize. That case, please contact us within 24 hours from “Contact Us”.
Q.After pressing start, the game ended before operating the arm.
A.After 90 seconds without any operation, the credit will disappear. Points are not compensated after the timeout, so please play within the time limit.
Q.For how long can a prize stay in the storage?
A.Note that all prizes can stay in our storage only for 14 days. If you don't request shipment within this period, all shipment rights related to that prize will be lost.
Q.For how long can I keep the MP?
A.The expiration date of login bonus, paid Molly points, free Molly points, etc. is usually 180 days.
Q.I haven’t received my prize.
A.The shipping is conducted by Yu-Pack. If there prize isn’t delivered within 1 week, contact us ASAP.
Q.I want the prize to be delivered on a specific date and time.
A.This option is still not available for the moment. Please check the delivery notice in case you missed the delivery.
Q.I want to delete my account.
A.There is a “Delete My Account” option in the Profile. However, please note that after your account has been deleted, the purchased MP will be lost, the account cannot be revived, and registering an new account using the same email address will be impossible.
Q.Sometimes there is a table that says [Set Shipment]. What does it mean?
A."Gifts obtained at the set shipping booth will be free of shipping charges only when requested to send a set with a prize obtained at other than the set shipping booth. If you request shipping only with prizes obtained at the set shipping booth, shipping fee will be charged Also, the destination of the prizes won at the set shipping booth can be specified only at your home. "